Day 9 – A day for a walk

After the most fantastic concert with my all time favorite band Tower of Power I got to meet the guys from the band and have a chat with each of them. It was such a great experience. They are some of the most kind and welcoming people I’ve ever met. I got to sit next to the stage doing the show, it was so awesome! The sound was not to high at the venue but the packing in my new ear canal was vibrating or moving at times and that caused a little distortion to the sound but it was all good and I was so overwhelmed and great full.

I was out pretty much all day just walking the beautiful streets of San Francisco. I enjoy all the new sounds, some a good and some are just bad sounds but right now I’m just trying to process all the sound data that constantly fills my head and constantly need to be taken care of 🙂 it’s amazing. Tomorrow I’m going to meet dr. Schendel and tell him about my worries about the ear placement. I hope he can help me and remove my worries.

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  1. Hej Jakob – jeg faldt lige ind i din blog, og vil bare sige dig stort tillykke med al den nye lyd. Jeg synes du er modig, god vind med det hele.
    Vh C

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