Day 10 – post op w. Dr. Schendel & Dr. Roberson

Got through the morning traffic of San Francisco and turned in on the parking lot of the Ear Clinic in Palo Alto 5 minutes before my appointment. The traffic is crazy at times, so instead of a 40 min. drive it could easily turn into a 2 hour drive… But I made it 🙂 just a little heads up if you ever need to travel the distance.

Dr. Schendel luckily optimistic and didn’t share my concern, he is convinced that when the swelling goes done the ear placement will even out. He told me to do ‘ear excises’ which means I have to bend the ear outwards back a forth a few times a day, this will help the skin stay flexible once the swelling disappears. After assure ring me that the result will look good we said goodbye and I’ll see him one more time the day I leave. At the meet with dr. Schendel I was fortunate enough to meet with dr. Roberson and his assistant Kinsey. He wanted to check how I was feeling and to hear about my ear placement concerns. He also took a look at my ear canal and thought it looked so good that we agreed he removed more of the packing. All the way down to the packing that protects the ear drum. The most amazing sounds came in to my ear. I couldn’t believe it. Dr. Roberson sat on my right side with me facing forward, he spoke to me and explained something about the ear canal and you know what?! I COULD HEAR AND UNDERSTAND WAHT HE SAID ONLY WITH THE USE OF MY RIGHT EAR!!!!! Sorry for the capitals but that was just one of the most amazing experiences ever… I will see dr. Roberson again in 5 days and until then I should keep the canal open as much as possible for good and quick healing. So the next few days I’ll keep sightseeing and just enjoy all the sound coming through.

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