New audiogram shows improvements

I got the opportunity to get a new audiogram done today. It revealed some improvements but also some areas where the last test where better.

The doctor cleaned my ear and found a little unhealed spot on the eardrum that he treated, which could be some of the cause for the diversity in the audiograms. The doctor and I discussed the situation where I had to pay for the whole operation in USA myself and he agreed that from the initial evaluations (Jharsdofer scale, I’m a grade 9) – ┬áreconstruction of the ear canal was the right treatment for me. But he couldn’t help me with the granting that the Danish helthcare system could pay for treatment abroad. But that fight is far from over, I’m determined to try my case in court, it’s come to my attention that other danes have gotten the treatment paied, so why should’nt I?

Well, Back to the good stuff, my ear canal is totally healed and the spot the doctor found will self heal in a week from now. All is good, my hearing is fantastic and I’m very very happy. Looking forward to see Dr. Roberson this Saturday in Holland!



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