Home and getting used to all the familiar sounds

I got home to Denmark all right – It is nice to be back with my family after 3 weeks away.

My hearing as improved alot since my last check with Dr. Roberson. The hearing is still lower than on my left ear and that’s okay. The sounds on the two ears is also different – but it sound more and more alike. I tend to go on small sound adventures and listens to sounds first with my left then with my right ear and lastly with both ears to hear the difference. Its amazing. simply amazing. I love hearing music with headphones and experiencing the stereo world 🙂 On my job I often attend meetings with lots of people and now I can sit in the middle of the room and hear people on both sides. Its so great to not have to turn my head to hear speakers from right side.

At home I thought I knew a lot of sounds, but I can now hear things I couldn’t before or had ignored. A lot of everyday sounds is so loud that I put cotton balls in my ears. I try to get as much sound impression as I can get, but when it comes to noise I’ve become more aware and often put fingers in my ears or leave the room. Its all part of adapting 🙂


When I go play with my band I’ve started off with double protection first form plugs and the hearing protection headphones. It was crazy at first but quickly it felt fantastic to experiencing our much in stereo.

I’m still waiting for my first consultation with a danish ENT doctor. in the meantime I have been to my normal doctor who examined the ear for infections and found that everything looks good.

The outer part of the ear is still recovering and still easily gets swollen. The elevation of the ear tip and lower part of the ear still doesn’t meet my expectation. But the upper part of the ear stays in a good elevated position.



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