Day 7 – finally the bandages has come off

The sun is shining and its about 20 degrees celcius in Palo Alto today. I sat outside and had a cup of coffee before my meeting with the plastic surgeon Dr. Schendel and his assistant Dr. Gupta. They took off my bandages and removed the stitches holding the gaze in place. It was a relief finally to get the headband off as it was starting to be annoyingly itchy, warm and just unpleasant to have on. The doctors where really pleased with the healing process and besides the buffing of the skin they think the result is going to be good, once the swelling is down and the healing completed. After a short visit from Dr. Roberson the doctors decided to leave my ear as is and not put bandages on again. I am to be very carful and use a special compound of antibiotics to put on the ear twice a day. All in all a very exciting day.IMG_4936

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