Day 2 – Surgery

Uh Im getting a bit nervous… I met with the nurses and got all prepared and ready for surgery, they informed me once agian about the procedure and took blood pressure and pulse. I also got a chance to chat a bit with Dr. Roberson before surgery, its really nice when the doctor understands you and is easy to talk to. He is really an amazing person. I felt safe and in good hands. The operation went really well. It turned out that my middle ear bones where better than expected and therefore Dr. Roberson upgraded me from a grade 8 to a grade 9 on the Jahrsdoerfer scale. This means that my chances of having normal hearing is up and about 95-100%. I also needed to have my ear elevated a bit to make it look more like the left one, and that was taken care of by Dr. Schendel. The bandages can’t come off until my next apointment so I cant see any reaults yet, nor can I hear that much on my right ear yet. But I can tell that there are sound coming in from my right side already. Im so excited.


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