Day 15 – check in with dr. Roberson

I met with the Dr. Roberson and hos staff today and he took out the last part of the packing that was protecting the healing ear drum. It really opened up the sound impressions. When I put a finger in my left ear my right ear sounds just lower in level(dB) than the left. A flat damping I would say. Then we talked about what to do and expect when I get home. From my first meeting with Dr Roberson his description of what to expect and how it feels matches 100% it’s almost as if he tried it himself. He is really amazing. Next I have to find a ENT at home how’s willing to check and clean my ear when needed. And I also need a new audiogram done in about 2-3 month from now, that’s going to be really exciting. And I need to get a custom mold for music made in about a month from now. Until then I need to where full size ear protection when playing music or going to concerts. Lots of things but it’s al good and I come to think of my hearing as one of the finest gifts I have. I experience Great sounds all over the place, I still need my head and brain to adapt better. The vibration from louder noise of voices tend to tickle a lot and making me smile but I guess that’s a good think, right?

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