Day 8 – First ear canal check

Okay, so today I met with Dr. Roberson and his assistant Kinsey McCartney. He did an exam of the healing progress both on the skin craft aread and to the ear canal. He even removed some of the packing blocking the ear canal and holding the skin in place against the canal walls. He says that everything is looking great and the I’m healing fast. After trimming back the packing I seam to get more sound coming through. Its amazing! After the meeting I went to Palo alto and bought a cap. I think it best to hide the skin craft spot both for my self when I look in the mirror and the people I meet I public and at restaurants ect. I get a little light headed from time to time but its nothing I need to worry about and the pain is almost gone. Regarding the plastic surgery part I had a talk with dr. Schendel’s assistant later on. Im not all satisfied with the placement of the lower ear and the eartip. I want a more symmetric look and that’s not what I’m seeing in the mirror right now. Maby its just the swelling and that’s okay if it is. But I want to be sure and therefore I have asked for a new appointment with Dr. Schendel. If there needs to be done anything I hope it can be done before I go back to Denmark on the 22th January. I miss my Wife and daughter very much, its hard being away for so long, so tonight im going for a treat, and its going to be a special expirence, I managed to get a ticket to see one of my favorite bands Tower of power, in ther home town of Oakland.


Beware, below here comes some photos of my ear and the skin craft spot, I hope its not to unpleasent.







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