Day 4 – recovery is going well

I had a good relaxing sleep last night and only had to take one pain pill doing the night, thats great. Im not feeling the dizzyness from the post anesthesia either so all in all I feel much better. I also regained my appetite an had both yoghurt and ortmeal. On my left side my bite isn’t that good yet, it like its a little off, and I was advised not to thew on anything hard for the first two or three days af ter surgery. It hurts a bit when I try to close my teeth, so iI’ll stick to fluid meals today, and hopefully thats getting better tomorrow aswell. I was able to go for a walk in the nice weather here in San Francisco and see some great cites at north beach where the apartment is. The new sounds is at times overwhelming even though my ear is wrapped up pretty tight. Im very excited to the get bandages off on Monday and maby start to hear more naturally.

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